Committee Resources

The IQ EE Committee Leadership Team is developing, and will be updating, processes and process guidance over time. Initial documents are below.

Committee Membership Applications

Fill out the application for Committee Membership (Stipend Eligible) here

Fill out the application for Committee Membership (Non-Stipend Eligible) here

Organizations must meet the following definition, established by CEJA, to be a Committee member:

The language in CEJA that describes eligibility for the Committee is:

The committee shall be comprised of the electric utilities subject to the requirements of this Section, the gas utilities subject to the requirements of Section 8-104 of this Act, the utilities’ low- income energy efficiency implementation contractors, nonprofit organizations, community action agencies, advocacy groups, State and local governmental agencies, public-housing organizations, and representatives of community-based organizations, especially those living in or working with environmental justice communities and BIPOC communities.

To be eligible for a stipend for Committee Member participation, organizations must be a Community-based organization, as defined by CEJA, below:

Community-based organizations means an organization that: (1) provides employment, skill development, or related services to members of the community; (2) includes community colleges, nonprofits, and local governments; (3) has at least one main operating office in the community or region it serves; and (4) demonstrates relationships with local residents and other organizations serving the community.

Leadership Team Application – In development

Committee Grant Opportunities (for Committee Community-Based Organizations)
The Committee will include grant opportunities for committee members, including organizations represented on the Leadership Team, from community-based organizations. Grants will focus on energy efficiency (and related topics) education and outreach, broadly defined. Grant applications are expected to be available through the committee website in the mid-September time frame. Grant applicants will be expected to participate as Committee Members to be considered for a grant. An announcement will be sent to the IQ EE Committee when the grant application is posted here.

Committee Process Documents [In Progress]

  • “Tracker” – this document will track open issues that arise in Full IQ Committee Meetings. Download here.
  • 2022 Process Document and Schedule (In development)

Committee Substantive Documents (In Progress)

  • “Key Issues” Document – This document lists initial key areas of focus for the IQ EE Committee that the Joint Leadership Team selected. Download here.
  • “Related Issues” Document – This document lists “Related Issues” that the Facilitation Team and Committee Members have identified that may be related to the work of the Committee. Download here.

Both the process and substantive documents will be added to over time.

Climate & Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA)
This excerpt from CEJA describes the statutory basis of the IQ EE Committee (LIEEAC). Download here.