Committee Facilitation

IQ-S Committee Facilitation

Annette Beitel, Founder and President of Future Energy Enterprises, LLC (FutEE), an Illinois-based, woman-owned business, has been selected by the joint committee LT to facilitate the IQ-S Committee as Senior Facilitator. She is assisted by staff, including Nelson May and Deondre Rutues.

Senior Facilitator

Annette Beitel

Annette Beitel

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (847) 920-0367
Bio: Annette Beitel is founder and President of Future Energy Enterprises, LLC, a woman-owned and led clean energy consulting practice based in Illinois. Annette has worked in the energy efficiency/clean energy field for nearly thirty years, first as an attorney at Pacific Gas and Electric Company in San Francisco, then later as a consultant at the firm she founded and has grown for the past 15 years. Her work and firm practice includes regulatory and policy consulting, clean energy portfolio consulting and optimization, and providing technical and engineering analysis on a wide range of clean energy measures and matters. Annette has over twenty years’ experience establishing and leading large clean energy collaboratives in California, Illinois and internationally. Annette graduated from Wellesley College with honors, has an MS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Environmental Technology and Policy, and has a law degree though studies and New York University and Harvard Law Schools.
Future Energy Enterprises:

Sr. Policy Analyst

Deondre Rutues

Email: [email protected]
(773) 543-5968
Dr. Deondre’ Rutues holds a PhD in Business Psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. His dissertation focused on engaging residents in lower-resourced environments to develop the internal resources and psychological capacities necessary for success now and in the future. Additionally, he has two master’s degrees from Roosevelt University in Business Administration and Industrial and Organizational Psychology. He is a Research Scholar/Community Engagement Specialist with New York University’s Policing Project and works with neighborhoods and the police to help develop community-based approaches to combatting crime. Deondre grew up in the Austin neighborhood in Chicago and is deeply committed to helping disadvantaged communities and their residents improve their lives. Deondre’ is an elected member of the 15th Police District Council. The Chicago Police District Councils work with district commanders and community members to develop and implement community policing initiatives, and the councils are specifically tasked with developing and expanding restorative justice and similar programs. In his role, Deondre’ will gather input from the public about public safety and policing in their communities and be the liaison for collaboration and connection between the police and the community.

Project Administrator

Nelson May

Alberto RinconEmail: [email protected]
Phone: (847) 830-0198
Bio: Nelson is a graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he received degrees in Natural Resource Economics and Spanish. He is passionate about sustainability with a focus on environmental protection. Nelson is fluent in Spanish, and has lived both in Mexico, where he worked on community water projects, and Spain where he interned with a Renewable Energy Consulting Firm. During his time at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, he was a member of the Badger Consulting professional development club during which he has advised small businesses of Madison in the Cheese and Dairy, Sustainable Textile, and General Contracting industries. He is an avid Triathlete and Climber.