Language Related to CEJA

Climate & Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA)

This excerpt from CEJA describes the statutory basis of the Illinois Income Qualified Energy Efficiency Committee (LIEEAC). Download here.

IQ-S EE Committee and CEJA

The Income Qualified South (IQ-S) Energy Efficiency (EE) Advisory Committee (“IQ-S EE Committee”) has been established under the Climate & Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA) that was passed in 2021 by the Illinois legislature. CEJA established the statutory purpose of this committee as:

to: “directly inform the design, implementation, and evaluation of the low-income and public-housing energy efficiency programs.”

The statute also references:

Emphasiz[ing] opportunities to bundle and coordinate delivery of low-income energy efficiency with other programs that serve low-income communities, such as the Illinois Solar for All Program and bill payment assistance programs.

The Committee is led by a leadership team (LT) of primarily Executive Directors of Community-Based Organizations and Community Action Agencies in Southern Illinois. The Illinois Commerce Commission provides oversight. The Committee activities are funded by Ameren IL. More information about the Committee can be found on the “About” tab.

IQ-S Committee Participation: Membership Under CEJA

Per the statutory language of CEJA, committee membership is open to a broad range of individuals and organizations, as identified below:

Electric utilities, gas utilities, the utilities’ low-income energy efficiency implementation contractors, non-profit organizations (community-based organizations), community action agencies, advocacy groups, state and local government agencies, public housing organizations, and representatives of community-based organizations, especially those living or working with environmental justice and BIPOC communities. . . The Illinois Commerce Commission shall oversee and have relevant staff participation in the committee.