Committee Grant Opportunities

IQ-S Committee Grant Opportunities (for IQ-S Committee Community-Based Organizations)

The IQ-S Committee will include grant opportunities for IQ-S committee members, including organizations represented on the IQ-S Leadership Team, from community-based organizations. Grants will focus on energy efficiency (and related topics) education and outreach, broadly defined. The initial Request for Proposal for Education and Outreach Grants: RFP 22-01, is closed. The Facilitation Team expects to release a second RFP for new Education and Outreach grants in 2024.

Community-Based Organizations who are interested in participating both on the IQ-S Committee as well as be an IQ-S Committee LT member should complete and submit an IQ-S Committee Membership application. IQ-S Committee membership applications can be found on the Committee website at: There is no separate Leadership Team application.